Because of the corona virus situation, it has become apparent that the championship cannot be conducted at the planned dates. There is also no alternative date available where we are sure that the tournament can be held. Due to this fact, we have decided to cancel the tournament.

The message is delivered to the team leaders of the registered teams today, Friday 8th of May, and the registration fees will be transfered back.

This is the background for the cancellation of the tournament:

  • Today the event limit in Norway is 50 attending persons. The government announced on Thursday 7th of May that they will not open for events with UP TO 200 persons before June 15th. Our tournament will be larger than this.

  • Elite football (and no other sports) will start matches from June 16th.

  • The government announced that they will open up more and more every 14th day. The next opening would be on June 29th the earliest, which is after the original dates of the tournament. This means that the tournament definitely cannot be held at the original dates.

  • Our consultation with team leaders suggested that the tournament would have a significantly lower attendance if it was postponed until August or later.

  • The government has not said anything about which time they want to open for match activities in other sports.

  • Also, there is a lot of uncertainties regarding quaranteen and traveling between countries.

  • We have said that we would not postpone to a new (pandemically) undecided date.

We are sorry for everyone involved, that we will not be able to og through with this tournament. We hope to see you all in Copenhagen next year instead.